V2.5 Pyrex Drip Tip

Combo Pack Version 2.5 Ceramic Donut Atomizer Deep and Shallow Bowl w/ Pyrex Mouthpiece






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COMES with DAB tool

  • START at LOWEST  TEMP AND GO UP  PAY ATTENTION TO TEMPERATURE AND HEATfor best results have it set before you screw in the atomizer, also always choose new coil up.  also if it gets flipped into wattage mode be sure your wattage is pre set to 11w so you will still get a decent hit without cracking the donut.

This is the  Version 2.5 Donut Atomizer with an extra base and a glass mouthpiece

You can now sample and see which bowl you prefer with this set.

  • 2 bases (deep and shallow bowl) plus the ceramic drip tip
  • 2 red grommets
  • 1 Pyrex drip-tip mouthpiece


I created this atomizer and designed it because I was not satisfied and I’m still not satisfied with vaporizing in a portable device.

This is my best design to date I have a version 3 coming.   Many other companies are using my design because the market has shown it to work..

I suggest taking the time to watch some YouTube videos or get on some blogs to read about how to use this piece the best.

Please check out my other accessories for this piece especially the bubbler attachment.

Please choose whether you want a deep or shallow bowl in the comment on checkout or I will default to the shallow bowl because it’s easier to load.

When using this piece I recommend keeping it below 11 W on any device. By doing so you will be lengthening the life of the atomizer.

Only load for the session you’re having, clear the holes by letting off the button toward the end of your draw, This will make it easier to use the next time you use it and it will minimize leakage.

I’m no longer giving a warranty for this part.   You must learn quickly how to use it.

If you do not I can sell you replacement base pieces for 2 for $21.

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Video – How to clean your Atomizer:


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