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THE COMBO ReBuildable KIT – Gen 2 DC Dry Herb & v3 Donut Atomizer



Both of these atomizers are completely rebuildable.

Gen 2 DC Dry Herb & V3 Atomizer

all you need to vape dry herb and concentrates, just switch atomizers,  PLEASE NOTE each atomizer has different settings…

You need your own Mod battery for this deal, check out the complete vaporizers page if you want the whole kit)





This Kit Includes:
  1. Gen 2 DC Dry Herb Atomizer kit
  2. v3 Rebuildable Atomizer kit (see v3 page for details)

NOTE settings for V3 are Way different than the DC, Be careful

Highly recommend a TCR battery

the DC works great with a TCR value of 330 using 35w to get to 350°f give or take 40°f depending on how well you like your herbs vaped..

When two leading companies come together with their ideas and collaborate to make better products customers benefit also it evolves the industry. Divine Tribe & SZ Crossing are introducing the DC (Divine Crossing)True Dry Herb 510 Thread Atomizer. This product has been in development for over 2 years and we have finally gathered the resources to make it a reality.  The ceramic cup evenly bakes and does not burn the herb.    The DC is a true all ceramic, even baking, dry herb, portable atomizer.

I’m confident in saying this is the most advanced portable herbal vaporizer in the world. We went above and beyond anything else on the market as far as what it was made from, how it heats the herb and how well it performs.

Let the Terpenes flow from all your herbs with ceramic vaporization.    I look forward to feedback and videos on how you use this device.

if you only need one of these atomizers click here  Gen 2 DC Dry Herb & V3 Atomizer

DC Gen2 Specs:
  • Length including 510 pin- 68mm
  • Width- 21.7mm
  • Inner mouthpiece diameter-  19mm
  • Heater cup inner diameter-  8.8mm
  • Heater cup length- 14.8mm
V3 specs:
  • Overall length- 56.6mm
  • Width-  21.9mm
  • Cup diameter- 11.8mm
  • Inner mouthpiece diameter- 17.8mm



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