White Color Divine Crossing Version 3 Rebuildable Ceramic Donut Atomizer


 White Color

Ω Divine Crossing Version 3

Rebuildable Ceramic Donut Atomizer for Concentrates Ω-



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  • Complete V3 with 13mm donut installed ready to go
  • 2 extra replacement 13mm donuts and cups
  • Dab tool and Screwdriver
  • 5 extra screws
  • Alcohol wipes

Thank you for your interest in the Divine Crossing Version 3 ceramic rebuildable atomizer and taking the step away from metal coil atomizers to something cleaner. I believe in tasting the terpenes in my concentrates without a metallic flavor. This is the third collaboration between Shenzhen Crossing and Divine Tribe, we have exchanged drafts and ideas to create a unique vaporizing device. Here are a few instructions I would like to pass along to make your experience better.

If your battery has a temperature control option please Temperature Control in Ni (Nickel Mode)

I have noticed 100x better experience with temperature control rather than just wattage mode.


First time using the device start at the lowest wattage or temperature depending on your mod and work your way up. By doing this you are testing your atomizer and finding the lowest setting in order to get the best flavor and biggest cloud.  Find the middleground for the best experience.   Not all people enjoy the same settings, some like it hot with huge hits some enjoy easy clouds with more flavor.  Find your best setting through practice.

For more information and questions visit the DivineTribe YouTube channel

Instructions when using
  • Place half bb sized piece directly on donut, when hitting the vaporizer draw in lightly at first to avoid upward splatter. Hold it straight up and down,  Not out and sideways, this will ensure you get a good hit.
  • For best performance do small sessions and keep the piece clean with rubbing alcohol and a wipe.
  • Do not leave in hot cars
  • Do not store concentrates in device
  • Clear out Atomizer after each session
Rebuild and Cleaning instructions
  • Find clean area to work so screws do not fall to floor and get lost
  • Unscrew 3 screws at base of ceramic housing
  • Gently pull ceramic housing from metal base
  • Unscrew both screws that hold donut wires to the 2 posts
  • Gently wiggle and remove ceramic cup in an upward motion from posts
  • Be careful with donut wires when removing donut coil from cup they will bend and break easy
  • To Rebuild follow these steps in reverse
  • Each piece can be cleaned separately with rubbing alcohol and a wipe


for wholesale orders of 50 pcs or more



Please direct all questions about this device to: matt@ineedhemp.com






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