Refunds and Returns

  • Refunds are provided for any part with a manufacturing defect.
  • Divine Tribe accepts returns on items bought directly through our website
  • Refunds are only available for batteries for four(4) months with normal use( if it gets dropped hard or in water, I will not replace it)
  • There will be no warranty for these parts:   Atomizers, Coils, and Bases unless they are unused.
  • Mods that have had 3rd party software such as Arctic Fox will not be covered under warranty and we will not be responsible for any issues it may cause.
  • Be sure to check our YouTube and Reddit pages for helpful videos and user guides to ensure you are using our devices properly

All returns can be shipped to:

Matt Macosko
P.O. Box 4526
Arcata, CA. 95518


We offer free discreet domestic shipping. We also do international shipping. Most lightweight single orders are free anywhere around the world. For larger orders, the most we ask would be $8, which we will send in a separate email request. Every shipment comes with a tracking number.


You can find the most up to date user guides for our devices posted on the menu of our site. We also have many instructional videos on our YouTube channel. If you cannot find your answer there please email


It is not wise to just start using one of these vaporizers without talking to someone or asking questions before you use it. You have to have a firm understanding of wattage and electricity in order not to pose a risk or a fire hazard. Divine Tribe Co. will not be held responsible for any damages caused by inappropriate or irresponsible use of our products. The buyer agrees to accept all responsibility for any such damages, and holds no blame on the Divine Tribe company for such damages or injuries to any persons or properties.

We here at Divine Tribe are working our hardest to bring vaporizers into medical regulation.  At this time these parts are not medical devices and should not be used as such. Please consult your physician before using any vaporizing device and see if it is safe for you.  All individuals must be eighteen years of age or older to purchase vaporizers or vaporizer accessories. Do not allow children, women who are pregnant or breast feeding, and those with life threatening illnesses to use our devices.

**WARNING: These items can be used for products that contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.*