Refunds and Returns

  • Refunds are provided for any part with a manufacturing defect.
  • Divine Tribe accepts returns on items bought directly through our website
  • Refunds are only available for batteries for four(4) months with normal use( if it gets dropped hard or in water, I will not replace it)
  • There will be no warranty for these parts:   heaters, Coils, and Bases unless they are unused.
  • Many people are selling these products now due to the awesome engineering and design that my manufacturer and I put into them.  Be on the lookout for improved versions every few months.
  • Be sure to check our YouTube and Reddit pages for helpful videos and user guides to ensure you are using our devices properly
All returns can be shipped to: Matt Macosko P.O. Box 4526 Arcata, CA. 95518 707-709-8480

29 thoughts on “Returns

  1. victor williams says:

    Matt,a couple months ago I bought the ceramic 2.5, I use it with a 20w itaste mvp. it didn’t work and when I called you I was told I needed your 40w battery to fire it up. since then I,ve seen videos of the 2.5 at 14w.
    what gives? is the donut defective? seems like 40w is not needed.


    • Vic Arvizu says:

      The 20w istick does not have the power needed to fire these donut atomizers. The chip has been programmed in that particular model to not allow it to unload that much power at any given time. I recommend the 40w eleaf istick w/Temp Control.


  2. Dedicated server says:

    I asked Matt, the guy behind Divine Tribe, via email and he confirmed it is made with glue but also said it s high heat glue that boils around 750F.

    • Vic Arvizu says:

      That is correct, it is a very high heat glue. We will be making a video showing where the glue is and how hot it gets in those areas in the next few days. I will post link to it here when its done.

    • Vic says:

      No, we have really, really tried to get the bottom edge of the unit hot where the glue is. We could not even get it near 100°. The glue used is Non-Toxic, and stable to more than 400°.
      I personally have pulsed it for over 2 minutes straight, and was not able to get it to go over 100° at the base.

  3. Edward says:

    Wow,that is really awesome,can’t wait to get mine in the mail.I’m in Florida,how many days by mail does it usually take?Hope this thing vapes like my volcano,I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time.I’m an inventor myself.What a great invention!Keep up the good work!

  4. Edward says:

    I definately will be odering all my stuff from this site.I went to a smoke shop and told them about this atomizer and they had no idea this was even on the market.Then tried selling me stuff that burnt your product.I’ll never go to another smoke shop again,they are not vapeologists like this company.I also have a friend that is trying to start a vape shop and I already pointed him to this site.

    • Vic says:

      The problem I’ve found with Vape shops, is that they find them cheaper online. Or, they think they do. They find the $5 one and think they are the same thing. They later find out those are pure trash. Totally an inferior product. Lots of people on Fuck Combustion are finding this out the hard way. The conversations start about here: and continue on for the next several pages. Ours are actually designed in house by Matt, they are custom made just for us, and believe it or not. We pay more than that for them. Best of all, our prices include free shipping, even on International orders.

  5. Edward Escoda says:

    1st Generation DC True Dry Herb Ceramic Atomizer 510 Thread Works really good at 300f degrees max setting.What a vape it produces with my Smok X Cube 2 160 watts!Damn what a Genius to make a hand held portable vaporizer where the battery don’t die out before your vape session is done.Thanks for the atomizer too!

    • Vic says:

      Matt likes 380°, I tend to run mine a bit hotter. I like 420-430° to get a good vape on Dry Herb. But this is a totally new device. Still in an experimental stage is you ask me. But input is nice!

      thank you for your Input!

      • Edward Escoda says:

        That is the same temp I keep mine at 380 -400 degrees.Same with my volcano digit by storz and bickel.Just like an oven.Great technology.Can’t wait for the rebuildable DC True.

      • Edward Escoda says:

        350 is the sweet spot,I don’t know what happened,but I must of figured out the calibration.As soon as I press the handle or button,depending on your mod it heats your herb.No need to pulse, it vapes the first time without waiting three times for it to heat up.Best vape ever,and you get plenty of draws too without it turning it black.

  6. Charles says:

    I’m at a loss….my payment keeps failing to go through….but I bought from the eBay site just fine am I doing something wrong? Card has more than enough money I sent email Facebook messages idk what to do now?…help

  7. Charles says:

    Matt called me and explained why I was having the problem with the payment everything going was resolved. I appreciate the help would recommend him to anyone looking to buy you’re products I am very satisfied!

  8. Timotht says:

    Just got your new coil with glass dish. I plugged it into my unit and as soon as I turned it on the braided cable smoked. I turned the unit off and found the cable was hot to the touch. I plugged my old coil in and everything works fine still. Could it be a bunk coil or is there comparability issues?

    • says:

      these coils are 120v 250w, is there any difference between the numbers on your coil?
      if thier isn’t i will send you a new coil, if your box puts off more then what my coil can take i will refund.

  9. Crystal Hardison says:

    I got a Kiln and put it on a 30 watt iStick. The mod says “atomizer short”. I just literally opened this package and the coil is bad in this thing. I tried to email you with my order number but that didnt work.

  10. Underdog says:

    Hi, i just bought the 1st Generation DC True Dry Herb Ceramic Atomizer 510 and would like to use it primarily for tobacco, and occasionally for hemp or various herbs. Could someone give me a hint on how to use it with my Joyetech eVic-VTCMini in TCR mode?

    I’ve found this table at but i’m no expert and i’d like to figure out how to set the parameters of:

    – M1/M2/M3 range values (between 1-999)
    – Temp range (Celsius/Fahrenheit)
    – Watt Power
    – Coil Ω: (locked or unlocked)

    Greetings from Italy 😉

    • says:

      i dont think thirty watts is that much to get the DC to work .. it needs around 35w
      The DC is strictly for dry herb, you dont want to clog the airholes with wax and only the sides heat up on the dc ..

      the v2.7 and v3 are for wax or concentrates.

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