Electric eNail with Flat Coil Quartz Topper on a Titanium Nail 14mm 18mm male female

$160.00 $137.10

Titanium & Quartz eNail with Carb Cap Completely Universal



The airflow and flavor I get from my concentrates is great with this device, I have used and sampled a good amount of nails and this one is great to use.   I love to dab daily. Terpenes from your strains are important and being able to taste the strain and have that flavor in your mouth for 10 minutes afterward is important. Temperature controlled devices achieve this. 

This Kit includes:
  1. Temperature Controller Box, 
  2. Power cord,
  3. Flat coil,
  4. Universal Titanium Nail with Quartz 20mm Topper 
  5. Titanium Carb Cap

( 1 year Guarantee on box and coil)

Titanium eNail is Completely Universal 10mm 14mm 18mm  Male/Female

I also have bangers in stock please email me for more info or a quote

Please include size needed for your piece 14mm-18mm- male or female


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